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Rural vs. Urban

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Rural Community vs. Urban Community Some people prefer the hustle and bustle of the city life while others prefer the relaxed and laid back life of the country. Living in a rural community and living in an urban community are completely different. Most people have their preference of where they would like to live. Your lifestyle will always be influenced by the society in which you choose to live. Some people find a rural life boring while other people find an urban life too chaotic. To some people there are not many differences between the two. In all actuality there are several differences, such as the lifestyle, the economic situation, and the available options of transportation. One of the main contrasts in leading a rural and an urban life is the lifestyle by which people choose to live. In the country most people have close relationships with their neighbors and often have more meaningful get-to-gathers with family. It is hard to find a lot of these relationships in the city because most people there have a high private life because of the competition of wanting to have the best of everything. The city life is very fast paced while the country life is more tranquil. It is also harder to have family over in the city because most people live in apartments or other types of housing. Another difference that can be seen is in the way people behave. Some city slickers do not have very nice manners. For example, it can be
Martin 2 seen on the streets when you see someone yelling or honking at someone else to move out of the way. Most small town people are usually compassionate and friendly. Not only can you see a difference in their behaviors, but also in the way they dress. Urban people are almost always up on the hottest trends in fashion. Rural folk usually wear more simple types of clothing. Not only are there differences in the types of lifestyles urban and rural people live, but there is also a difference in the economic situations. The economic situation is one of the largest contrasting factors between living the urban and rural life. In the city, you have a wide range of job options. The city attracts a wide variety of people because of the numerous career opportunities that are available. According to the 2012 Oklahoma Census Bureau a total of 599,199 people live in Oklahoma City. In rural Randlett, Oklahoma the 2012 Oklahoma Census Bureau states the population is 435. That is a significant difference in the number of people. Population plays a major role impacting the economic situation of each rural and urban area. Rural towns tend to suffer more now days because there are so many more choices to purchase products at a lower cost in urban cities. This negatively affects the stability of small business owners in small towns and forces them to go out of business. However, this increases revenue and continues to help large cities prosper. Transportation is another key factor in the role of each rural and urban economic situation. Available transportation for rural towns and urban cities differ greatly. There are more available options of transportation in the city than there is in a small town. Some city goers do not own a vehicle. They have other options that are easier and inexpensive to use than owning their own vehicle. A common way for people to use transportation in the city is to take a taxi or
Martin 3 subway. In the country you do not have those choices. You have to drive yourself to where you want to go because there is not any type of public transportation. It can also be costly on country folk when the gas and diesel prices rise. Commuting in rural areas is somewhat inconvenient, but you do not have to deal with the traffic jams or pollution problems that occur in urban areas. The difference in the types of the available options of transportation is another way the urban life and rural life contrast from one another. No matter how hectic or low key an area may be there are advantages and disadvantages to both locations. Most people have a preference of whether they enjoy living in the urban setting or living in the rural setting. Depending on a person’s career and lifestyle one location might be more suitable to accommodate their needs. Both locations provide options by satisfying people’s wants as well. The major contrasts between the two are dependent on lifestyles, the economic situation, and the available options for transportation all play an important role in the decisions that are made.

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