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Post Graduate Diploma
Rural Development Management

(Academic Year: 2012-13, Batch: - 5)

Development of Rural Football Academy

TRIMESTER: II (COURSE-project management) Submitted to: - Submitted by:- Dr. RR Hermon Shuvadeep Ray Roll no.38

Title of The project-- Rural Football Academy (LOGO) Motto of the Academy: Terra Excellentia (Latin) In English it means “The land of excellence”.
Identification of Project:
A rural football academy specifically built for rural youth (i.e. young boys only) such that they have an option in selecting their livelihood. This is a long term project where the theme is to promote sports in rural areas and provide better balance for village children. With the help of technology and proper guidance in academy the skills of the youngsters will be enhanced through relentless training and inculcate the determination, grit and passion which required for a professional to make one’s country proud. The other aim is to take India into a formidable position in the world of this beautiful game and unify entire country by making football popular. Sports especially football i.e. soccer encourages discipline, brotherhood and respect for all others in a community if run or properly used as a purpose of developing the youth to be responsible citizens in any community. Objective:

The main concept of this project is to PLAY & STUDY in the same school or academy. This project envisages scientific scouting of talent at optimum age, essential for converting the genetically and physiologically gifted children into future champions and winners at National and International level. The objective of Rural Football Academy is to provide the mainstream of national football with a perennial pool of young footballers trained and oriented to international standards. The strategy is simple - "CATCH THEM YOUNG" and give them the best, in terms of training with modern techniques, tactics, physical and psychological conditioning and related inputs. Main purpose of this project is to promote and increase awareness in rural areas by funding sport as a vital tool for systematic and positive social change.

Mind mapping technique:

This technique is used to plot the idea of the proposed project and consider the viable options required for successfully running it.

This diagram consists of the Title at its nucleus with research, purpose, benefits, committee, getting started, resources and research as its branches coming out from the project. It depicts that the execution and operation of the project depends on these factors.

Design of the Project:

Based on the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya this project has been designed. It is a residential school-cum-academy where the youths of certain age group will be selected such that in future they can be converted into an asset for both academy and country as well. Being a residential school the goal is to provide education to the youth and at the same time preparing them to represent the country in the world of sports. The training program would be of 3 years including endurance and strength, speed, flexibility and communication training. All this while the candidates would go through rigorous session and provided with all necessities, which would enable them to be at par with other professionals of different football academy. The design consists of the size...
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