Rural development in bangladesh

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Introduction: I have been given some task to do an assignment on the basis of model Thana and its law and order situation , advantages of model Thana, problems associated with traditional Thana, function of model Thana and making way how law and order situation can be improved . I went to Uttara Model Thana to collect information to fulfill my assignment. The information that the Police Inspector has given me is very important and workable to fulfill the assignment. I have also taken help from internet. Now I am going to describe what information I have collected from there. Model is a representation of a system that allows for investigation of the specific matter of that system and in same cases prediction of future outcomes. Models are used in quantitative analysis, technical analysis. Thana is the function of that branch of the administrative machinery of public order and tranquility, the promotion of public health, safety and morals and the detection and punishment of crimes are regulated. Model Thanes have been refurbished in well designed modern buildings comprising adequate number of rooms and space for the officers and visitors and storing of official documents. Modern intercom systems also have been installed in each model Thana for better communication within the Thana and other people that they are dealing with. Local area network catering three desktop computers, one laser printer, one photocopier have also been installed in each model Thana six Willkie Talkies, six motorcycle and one pickup van have been provided to each model Thana. The police of a state in a comprehensive sense embraces its whole system of internal regulation by which the state seeks not only to preserve the public order and to prevent offences against the state but also to establish for the intercourse of citizen with citizen those rules of good manners and good neighborhood which are calculated to prevent a conflict rights to ensure to each the uninterrupted enjoyment of his own. The police is in general a system of precaution, prevention of crime or calamities. Bangladesh Police is the core law enforcement agency of Bangladesh. It is administered under the Home Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh. It plays the prime and pivotal role in maintaining low and order of the state. Though police is primarily concerned with maintaining low and order assuring security of public life and property. In Bangladesh, the formal and organized policing with varieties of activities as of today has come to this stage though lots of evolutions and developments across the long time. Its business may be distributed into eight distinct branches. Police are for the prevention of offences.

Police are for the prevention Of calamities.
Police become helps during epidemic diseases.
Charity should be the characters of police.
The police of model Thana can easily communicate with entire people of that area. Police give predation when a function of amusement is organized. Traditional Thana: Traditional Thana is burdened with many problems. Here low and order situation is not under control maximum each are not handles with proper way. Most other convicted are soared for the sake of many. Mast of the cases people do not get justice from police officer. Police officers take bribe from the people when they go to look into the cases. It is impossible for the police to keep entire. It becomes very impossible for them to control crimes and offences property. There becomes a large area belonging to traditional Thana. People become prey to harassment when they go to police station to solve their problems. Police officers think that it is there fundamental right to take bribe from general people. Traditional Thana is technologically backward. Traditional police officers get chance to remain idle in spite of having much more work. Information technology has not been improved in a large way. This is an age of technology. Most of the police officers of traditional...
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