Rural and Urban

Topics: City, Urban area, Developed environments Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: August 6, 2010
Imagine that all people live in villages or they all live in cities. How would the life be if people lived the same lifestyle? A proverb in Yemen says,” Being rural is the best color of lifestyle.’’ In which is meant living in villages is better than living in cities. Well, there is no doubt that life in villages is so beautiful, and very interesting indeed, but at the same there are people who prefer to live in metropolitan cities and this is due to their lust of living in a modernized lifestyle. In this assay there will be clarification for the similarities and the differences between urban and rural from the major sides. There are similarities and differences between rural and urban, but there are far differences than similarities and this is due to the location and the people who live there. Most people in Yemen live in cities due to the modern development in cities. The comparison between urban and rural could be in rights, and education; however, the contrast between them might be in health, and daily life.

There are similarities in rights between rural and urban. First, as the government asserted in 1990, urban people are able to participate to elect the president of the country; similarly, rural people are able to participate in the electing, too due to the fact that they live in one country. A case in point is that both rural and urban people participated in the last electing of the president. In addition, people in rural areas did not possess the education rights in the past like urban people, but now it has changed inasmuch as the order from the government to equal the rights in education between rural and urban people. Moreover, rural people are able to travel anywhere inside the country similar to urban people in that due to the fact it is important to develop the trading activity inside the country.

There are three major areas of contrast in daily life between rural and urban people. The most...

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