Running vs. Walking

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Running vs. Walking
Our society has seemed to be changing in the past decade into a more health conscience society. We are becoming more active and trying to get into shape by exercising. The two traditional types of exercise are walking and running. While running and walking are both great sources of exercise, running burns more calories, but can actually be hazardous for your health. Depending on what your fitness goal is depends on whether you want to run or walk. To decide which you want to do you need to decide which factor you are considering: calories, leisure or intensity, and injury. Once you choose which exercise form suits you the best you can set your fitness goals!

When people exercise they generally have a goal set for a certain amount of calories they desire to burn off. A calorie is a measure of energy expenditure from the body. Running and walking have similar calorie rates. Running has around 100 calories per mile for an average 150 pound person; however walking is only about 80 calories per mile for the average 150 pound person.

DependingRunning is intense and you usually don’t feel like chatting with your running partner, but when you’re walking you can chat with your walking buddy, call someone on your phone, etc. While running is focus and endurance through pain, walking is calm and you can socialize. Exercising tends to fly by a lot quicker when you can socialize with others or just get your mind off of the exercise, but when you’re focused running, you can’t do that as well. So go for a walk and socialize with everyone you see!

Like they always say,” It’s all fun and game until someone gets hurt.” Exercising may seem like a harmless activity but actually there are lots of risks of injury out there. Walking results in way fewer injuries than running. Walking injuries include: shin splints, over striding, high heel, and over-pronation. Walking injuries can be severe; on the other hand running injuries are more likely to be more...
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