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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Darlene Cunningham
Jacksonville University
School of Nursing
January 31, 2015


Personal Philosophy of Nursing
A Philosophy of Nursing is an approach to nursing, usually created by individual nurses in their own daily practice in the field. A nurse uses his or her philosophy of nursing to explain what he or she believes nursing is, the role nursing plays in the healthcare field and how he or she interacts with patients. A philosophy of nursing also addresses a nurse’s ethics as it relates to the practice of nursing; however it is also guided by theories. Nursing theories and philosophies of nursing are related because they directly affect each other. A nurse’s philosophy of nursing determines what type of models or theories he or she uses, just as the nursing theories used will help develop his or her personal philosophy. In some ways, nursing theories and philosophies are the same in that both provide a way nurses to approach their individual patients that provide the best care for them. Nursing Theory (2013). Nursing Theories and Philosophy of Nursing. Retrieved January 31, 2015, from http://nursing theories and a philosophy of nursing.

Personal Guiding Principles of Nursing
Nursing has a long history as a way to provide help to patients as they work toward health goals. From the earliest nuns who cared for the sick and dying to the modern men and women who work in hospitals, clinics and homes to help people achieve and maintain, nursing is a way to get involved in the healthcare industry and work with patients on a personal level. Though different nursing jobs require different duties and responsibilities, the definition of nursing has not gone through as many changes as the career itself. Nursing Theory (2013). Definition of Nursing. Retrieved January 31, 2015 from http://nursing theory .org/articles/definition. PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY 3

A personal view correlates; however nursing is not simply pin pointed to one concrete meaning without different opinions. Nursing can mean just a profession or career to some, but it is definitely more than just treating people that are ill. Nursing is not a constant factor, it is foreseen changing and evolving in many phases. I feel that nursing is a spin off from the field of medicine. The act of nursing is the intervention in place for resolutions of practicing medicine. For example, if a patient is diagnosed and treatments are ordered, the nurses carry out the interventions. Nursing is the implementation process from medical assessment that direct care for people showing a decline in their health status. Theories and Philosophies are then generated due to the extent of the need for implementation. Theories and Philosophies differ because the need of the patients that you caring for. There is no one theory that works for every patient; therefore that justify the many personal philosophies of nursing. For example, a post-op orthopedic patient fits well with Orem’s Self Caring Theory, it asserts that people benefit from nursing because they have a health related limitation in providing self-care and nursing systems regulate the individual’s self-care requirements; caring for the chronically ill-diabetic Hispanic patient is a nice fit for Leininger trans-cultural theory, caring and culture are inextricably linked; the newly divorced patient or newly widowed patient fits with Meleis’ transitions theory. Nursing...

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