Running Case Introduction To Dirt Bik

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Introduction to running case Dirt Bikes
Dirt Bikes USA is a small company headquartered in Carbondale Colorado that manufactures and sells its own brand of off-road motorcycles. It was founded in 1993 to product dirt bikes that could be customized for racing and off-road recreational riding using the best quality components and parts from all over the world. The company has continued to grow and now faces a new set of challenges and opportunities. You have been asked to serve as a consultant to apply your information systems knowledge to help Dirt Bikes solve some of the problems it is encountering. There is an assignment awaiting you to accompany each chapter of the Laudon and Laudon Management Information Systems text. In order to complete the assignment, you should review the corresponding text chapter and any information provided by your instructor related to the topic you are investigating. You can complete each project individually or in teams, depending on your instructor’s requirements. To develop solutions, you may need to do Web research and to use spreadsheet, database, or Web browser software tools, and you will need to use a word processor to write up your findings. Many projects recommend you use electronic presentation software, if possible, to summarize your findings for management. Each assignment will list the software tools that you will need to use and the questions you will need to answer.

In order to complete your assignments, you should familiarize yourself with Dirt Bikes. To learn more about the company and how it works, read each of following six topics:

1. Company History and Background
Dirt Bikes USA was founded in 1993 by Carl Schmidt and Steven McFadden, two young but experienced bikers with engineering backgrounds who saw that dirt bikes were becoming very popular in the United States as both sporting and racing motorcycles. They developed frames for dirt bikes that were more suited to off-road handling and started using these...
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