Running Away from Home

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Bullying Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: July 1, 2013
11 Reasons Teens Choose to Run Away from Home

* Verbal Abuse. When parents name call, blame, and criticize, teens are hurt and sometimes run away from home. * Physical Abuse. 50 percent of runaway teens were physically abused by family members. * Sexual Abuse. Thirty-two percent of runaway teens were forced to participate in sexual activity. * Substance Abuse. If a teen or his/her relative struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, that young person is sometimes motivated to run away. * Pregnancy. Expecting teens are either kicked out of their homes or leave out of fear of what their parents will do. * Sexual Orientation. Sixty-two percent of homeless gay and transgender youth experience discrimination from their families. * Neglect. Approximately half of homeless teens reported that their parents threw them out or did not care that they left. * Death of a loved one. In response to a death, teens may run away from home or experience depression, risk-taking behavior, anti-social or criminal behavior, and more. * Bullying. Twelve percent of teens run away because of social/peer issues they experience in school. * Stress. Teens choose to run away because of stress from family issues at home such as family financial issues, divorce, disagreements and more. * Depression. Many teens experiencing depression are unable to understand the emotions they are feeling and turn to the extreme behavior of running away. To help runaway teens in need of clothing, run a Teens for Jeans drive. You'll have the chance to win scholarships, new jeans, and more. Sources:

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