Running an Emergency Room

Topics: Hospital, Physician, Patient Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: August 27, 2013

Hospital has grown from 50 beds to 300 beds
Icon hospital in Chicago
Experienced staff, low turnover rate
Nurses with master’s degree
Head nurses and assistant head nurses familiar with managerial roles •Management working on improving Emergency Department (ED) flow •People seek medical care at ED


Emergency Department (ED) used as primary care by local residents •ED transfers to clinical units taking more than 15 hours •Patients lying on stretchers for long periods of time
Long ED waits
Staff nurses lacking initiative to problem solve
Hospital’s patient satisfaction scores in overall care are declining •Lack of initiative from nurses to problem solve


Purchased by large university medical center
Usage of nurse managers to improve productivity and function of the hospital & decrease costs and waste •Current CEO about to retire
Progressive approach towards patient care and staff development •Management looking at possibly hiring nurse managers to a 24-hour schedule


Staff used to old ways of running ED
Medical Doctors believe nurses should blindly follow orders •Personnel stagnant and nonproductive
Staff resistant to change
Negative reputation in the community
Increase in education expenditures
Resistance to change


Strengths this organization has going for them is the location and the growth it has gone through time. Dr. M and the university hospital that has purchased the facility are willing and looking for ways to improve the care and patient satisfaction as well as decrease the time patients are spending in the ED and work on ways to decrease transfer times form ED to hospital clinics. There are many positive things the facility already has in place. The staff has been around for many years and is familiar with the hospital and the way it operates. There are several weaknesses the facility...
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