Topics: Debut albums, Human, Unconsciousness Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Jaymes Studabaker
Running, running, running down a dark alley don’t know where to go and then you come face first into a brick building you get knocked unconscious and you wake up not knowing where you are. Have you ever had that happen to you? Well that’s happened to me. I was a good kid, popular, and as the girls would put it hot. Well now I can’t talk to girls or let’s just say any one for that fact. My parent named me Phillip, but now I go by James. The person that made me run into that wall 400 years ago made me vow that I could not talk to girls for the rest on my existence. He died nearly 130 years ago and I’m still afraid to break the promise. You see I can’t go swimming if I do I will die. Nobody knows this not even my enemy Dexter. You see what he made me was a monster or what he would call it the new breed of humans’ Hydro sapiens witch is bender of water. I have had to defend this city many times and it is always because of Dexter. He can be so mean at times and be so nice at the same time I think he might have bipolar disease. He is the same thing as me but still we can’t get along. I’m going to tell you a story of how I defeated Dexter once. It was a dark starry night and I met Dexter to talk out our differences. When we first met I thought we were all alone until I smelled trouble and he pulled out a gun and fifty men jumped at me and I had to pull a protective shield of water around me it only worker for a while until he started to at shoot at me and my bubble of water started to leak and I don’t have that many powers yet with water so I did the best I could of what I could do with the powers I had. I shoot a beam of water at Dexter and he cried out in pain as he started to bleed. I was doing this all while defending myself from the other fifty men. “God!” this is hard I thought as I was doing this I put up a big thick sheet of water around only me and Dexter and he was already healed coming at me again this time I had put a ball of water...
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