run lola run essay

Topics: Run Lola Run, Tom Tykwer, Low-angle shot Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: May 25, 2014
Run Lola Run Essay

A distinctively visual text aims to influence the way we discover and understand the images we see. Significantly altering the way we make understandings of the experiences that we encounter in the world. Techniques used to portray Distinctively visual are applied in the film ‘Run Lola Run’ directed by Tom Tykwer and the picture book ‘Red Tree’ written by Shaun Tan through the use of motifs, colours, lighting and reading paths. The use of these techniques help to highlight the important themes in both texts such as love, hope and time.

The film Run Lola Run presents visual images and reflects the power of post modernism. Tykwer has included in the film a range of themes and ideas, which symbolise the cultural background such as chance versus freewill. The colour red appears right throughout the film, as a motif representative of different sentiments and thoughts dominant to the film’s essential message. Red suggests a sense of liberty and desire typically by Lola’s vibrant hair. The colour of Lola’s hair makes her unique as the character in the film, as well as symbolising her attitude of disobedience towards authority and her individuality.

Another motif is circles and spirals in the film, they have been incorporated throughout the film, from the various extreme close ups of clocks to the logos upon buildings. Examples of these are the Bolle sign on the wall behind the phone booth where Manni waits for Lola and the spinning spiral at the Spirale Bar. These circles all represents the film’s dominant message that life is circular and cynical; beginnings are the end of which came previous and endings are the new beginnings. The image of the spiral is used in the film to represent misperception and worry.

In ‘Run Lola Run’ time is shown to be a major concern right from the beginning. We can see this in the first few seconds of the film when there is a low angle shot looking up at a pendulum swaying then the camera pans out to show us...
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