Run Lola Run Analysis

Topics: Game, Run Lola Run, Luck Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: June 2, 2012
As the film ‘Run Lola Run’ has a multiform narrative structure, it is separated into three sections in which Lola is able to repeat her journey from the beginning. The repetition of the run in which we see the same scene three times is an example of how Lola's journey is similar to the likes of a video game. This works to emphasise the fact that her life can just be rewinded and restarted just like video games. Even though, in real life we cannot travel back it time, the repetition of the run sequence shows mistakes are fixed by going back to the root of the problem. Throughout the movie, the background music is similar to the music that is heard in fast-paced, action based video games, the music is fast paced and creates suspense, which is portrays the feeling of adrenaline that is seen through the first run sequence. This highlights that her journey is similar to many of the journeys that individuals face and are indeed similar to a video game which is typically filled with obstacles, decisions and the different outcomes and paths. In a video game, players gain experience and get better as they replay their "rounds", "matches" or "games". Similarly, Lola gets better at certain things after her first run, for example, she gains more confidence in handling a gun. A low-angle shot of Lola in the second sequence shows her increased control and power in the situation as she gains valuable experience from the first run. This technique is used by the directors to stress out the fact that in life, the experiences that are gained by gamers when they learn from the past mistakes and individual through their past history are similar as experience and skill is found by learning from past mistakes

Run Lola Run explores the idea that in life, there are many events that are coincidental, random and occur due to chance or luck which can influence an individual’s fate. In the third run, where Lola is running with her eyes closed, she was stopped by a truck that almost...
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