Run Lola Run

Topics: Sepp Herberger, Run Lola Run, Film Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: July 20, 2011
Discuss how the distinctively visual is created in the opening of the film Run Lola Run

The unusual opening of the film Run Lola Run uses quotations and narration that establish this film as one that will challenge commonly held assumptions and ideas about life. Run Lola Run is an unconventional and postmodernist film. It is considered post modern as it does not use mainstream conventions of film making and narrative structure. The post modernist film was successfully delivered, as this distinctively visual text challenged everything an individual knows and puts it into question. The narrative structure enigmas, equilibrium and disequilibrium are corrupted and not followed in this film, it does not obey the normal linear films that film structure; playing with audiences expectations of the end outcome. This is symbolic with the use of spirals. Spirals symbolise a constant loop in events, this runs parallel with Run Lola Run. This non linear film provides a sense of suspense and the unknown. Watching this post modernist film, as a viewer, the beginning played with my

expectations as there was no specific storyline or thought out process, I was engaged by animation but was unsure of the concept Tykver created. The opening sequence gives us no clues as to the plot of the film or where it is set. It contains a voice over from someone we do not hear from again, and begins with two quotes, one from the poet T.S Elliot and another from the German football coach, Sepp Herberger. The quote “we shall not cease from our exploration...And know the place for the first time”, by T.S Elliot. T.S Elliots quote starts the film on the premise that nothing in our lives is certain. The second quote by Hepp Herberger, “after the game is before the game”, contrasts the perceived ideas of time by challenging them. These philosophical quotes at the beginning of the film establish this film as a serious one that will comment on life and the experiences of human...
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