Run Lola Run

Topics: Run Lola Run, Franka Potente, Tom Tykwer Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: November 5, 2008
Movie Analysis
Run Lola Run

In the beginning credits of the movie, the last person we see is a plump Bank Guard with a soccer ball who states, "The ball is round. The game lasts ninety minutes. The rest is theory...” and then kicks the ball into the air into a crowd of strangers. Dispersing to move away from the ball this crowd of strangers forms the title of the film when viewed from above. This foreshadows the main themes following in the rest of the movie; the themes of time, strangers, chance, and how the human will can impose order on chaos.

The movie Run Lola Run tells a story about a girl who gets a phone call from her boyfriend Manni pleading for help, who has lost a huge amount of money after a drug deal due to a chain reaction of events, which he is supposed to hand over to his violent drug leader in 20 minutes. Lola decides to help him and sets out to find 100 000 marks in under 20 minutes or the man she loves will be killed.

With little time and no vehicle, Lola runs through the streets of Berlin to get to her father's bank, with the intention of asking him for the money. The course between her apartment and the bank is filled with obstacles from dogs to treacherous stairs to baby carriages to street traffic to sidewalk hogging nuns to bank guards to bicycle riders to... Each time she runs into an obstacle or certain other stranger, the director gives us a flash forward of how that collision effects their lives.

Whenever this happens, the camera moves away from her, showing in brief periods composed of a series of still images the futures of these individuals, which change in each story depending on the minor differences in the circumstances of their encounters with Lola. For example, Lola bumps into a female pedestrian and we are shown in a series of flashes her anger leads to an argument with her spouse which leads to a divorce which leads to a downward emotional spiral ending with her becoming an alcoholic tramp.

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