rules of sitting down volleyball

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Teams aim to hit a ball over a net and land it within the opposition's court. Teams have three passes, to form an attacking play, before the ball has to go over the net.

Sitting Volleyball requires players to maintain contact between their pelvis and the floor at all times.

The sport features a smaller court (10 metres by six metres) and a lower net compared to its Olympic counterpart. The net height 1.05m (women). As a result, Sitting Volleyball is faster than the Olympic indoor game. Another change from Olympic rules is that blocking of the serve is allowed.

Each team is allowed to feature six players on court, including a libero (defensive specialist), who will wear a different coloured shirt to the rest of the team, although five reserves are allowed. There are competitions for both men’s and women’s teams. The first team to 25 points wins a set, but they must win by two clear points. The first team to win three sets is the winner. A maximum of five sets are played. If a match goes to a deciding fifth set, the first team to 15 points and with a two-point advantage wins.

BODY COMPOSITION: The right body composition is definitely compulsory in Taekwondo specially in sparring since you have to still maintain a healthy body as well as having an aim for a certain weight category e.g. lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight.

Muscular endurance: To do taekwondo you need a lot of muscular endurance, an example of this is while doing the punch bag training. This means you need to keep your muscles supplied with oxygen throughout the 5 consecutive minutes of hammering the punch bag with a range of techniques.

Speed: Speed is a huge part on being successful in taekwondo; it helps with accelerating your kicks in breaking, doing the fast motion in patterns, having quick reflexes in sparring and maintains correct timing in the special technique.
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