Rules of Life

Topics: Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Pages: 3 (1685 words) Published: November 3, 2014

The20 Rules of Life
Stick together with your family
Never give up on your dreams
Cherish the ones you love before it’s too late
Never give up
Don’t put work in front of the one you love.
Don’t lose focus on your goal
Don’t do drugs
Respect others around you
Don’t seek revenge for the wrong reasons
Be prepared for the consequences for your actions
Don’t be judgmental
Be yourself
Think of others first
Be a good friend
Believe in yourself
Think ahead of time
Money isn’t everything
There is more in life than being successful
Stick by your friends through thick and thin
Don’t take life for granted
In the film Little Miss Sunshine, the family sticks with Olive until the end by joining her on stage at the pageant. Even though the audience was rejecting Olive’s dancing, the entire family was there to be by her side. Toward the end of Little Miss Sunshine, Dwayne figured out he was colorblind by a test that Olive had performed on him. Even though Dwayne knew the Air Force Academy wouldn’t allow him in because of his conditions, he still believed that one day he was going to fly no matter the obstacles. The family in Little Miss Sunshine is traumatized when they figure out their grandpa died so suddenly because of his overdose on heroine. The family mourned over his death and only wished they had more time with the one they loved. After the van breaks down on the family in Little Miss Sunshine, they are stuck on what to do. Yet, they find a way by push starting the van and didn’t give up on the trip and on Olive. Dr. Horrible, in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, focuses on becoming a member of the evil masterminds of the town and doesn’t realize he has missed his chance with his one true love. Captain Hammer sweeps in by Penny’s side and takes her away from Dr. Horrible who puts his work before his loved one. Dwayne kept his oath of silence through thick and thin in Little Miss Sunshine. Even though Dwayne’s grandfather had just passed away, he...
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