Rules of engagement

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The Relationship between Collaboration and Argument Collaboration papers could be considered by many as one of the easiest papers to do, but also considered but others as difficult to accomplish. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but it is up to the person to decide which method is more useful to complete the assignment. It is seen by most people that a collaborated paper is an easy assignment because the amount of personnel involved on the paper, the amount of time that requires to perform the research of the material that wants to be included in the paper, if several people are after the same topic. Different resources are used to supply the material to the team such are books, newspaper articles, or web pages. One of the problems we might encounter during the search and use of resources is the validation of the resource, how reliable can be, and if it is really useful to be included in the paper, the last thing a team wants is to use incorrect or invalid information that will be presented to others causing misinformation and at the end, a bad grade by the instructor. Writing a collaborated paper could also be considered a learning experience, members can learn from others, members from different backgrounds and culture can be really helpful to have a mix of ideas to be included in the paper. To others, a collaborated paper could be a huge headache and very difficult to do due the disagreement by the members and all the ideas by each one of them. Every person is different, and so are the ideas. Each member has a different opinion, thoughts, and different way to see things. We might not agree in some things with others during the process, arguments, yelling, and discussions are more likely to happen, so a plan and a team leader is recommended to ensure things run smoothly before they can get out of hand. Numerous amount of ideas are brought up to the table and each member explain his or her point of view to the rest

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