Rules for monitoring employees

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Employment Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Rules for monitoring employees in professional and ethical manners Privacy in the workplace is one of the most professional concerns in today’s society. Due to the escalation in cyberloafing and lawsuits in workplaces, employee monitoring has become more prevalent. Nevertheless privacy issues cannot be effectively addressed; deprived of considering the ethics and ethical manners. Employee monitoring has risen up concerns to our society and workplaces such as – business & accounting organizations, lawyers, hospitals, professional ethicists, and many more professional industries. To reach to a significant conclusion about privacy rights in a workplace, we have to consider about rules and regulations, ethics in the workplace without invading anyone’s privacy or rights and employees’ must have their own responsibilities and have a common understanding of the ethical basis of justice and a thorough understanding of individual and organizational concerns and motivations.

(Mujtaba, B. G. 2003) stated that employee monitoring is an act of watching and checking employees' actions during the working hours using employer’s equipment. Since employee monitoring has occurred as a necessity, it causes concerns to both employers and employees with the ethical implications of constant monitoring. Employers use monitoring devices to keep track of their employees' actions and to increase productivity of work, some employees feel that too much monitoring can be an invasion of their privacy. Therefore, the ethics of monitoring employees is a very controversial issue. Many employees gave reasonable explanations to have the right to check about the status of their stocks or the safety of their family members globally since the heartbreaking attack on the Twin Towers in New York (2001) and feel gratified to watch the news on the Internet while on the job. Oppositely, employers also feel that extra usage of the Internet which is irrelevant for the job during working hours can be...
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