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For the guidance of all concerned, the following rules and regulations on the conduct and discipline of students are hereby promulgated:

a. Basis of Discipline
Students shall at all times observe the laws of the land, rules and regulations of the Bicol University, and the standards of good society.

b. General Rules and Regulations
The following student’s rules govern the conduct and discipline of students: 1. Any student who commits any misbehavior in the University premises or outside the University when acting in his capacity as a representative of the University, shall subject to disciplinary action in accord with the schedule of sanctions set by the University. 2. The Bicol University is a smoke-free campus. Smoking shall not be allowed in the University premises. 3. Students are required to attend academic University activities that are conducted within the University. 4. Students of this University are free to participate in co-curricular activities and to express their views and positions in public questions/issues subject to the following conditions: a. Their participation shall excuse them only for the time missed in class and shall not excused them from fulfilling other requirements by the University, and b. Their participation shall be their own personal responsibility. 5. No play, skit, farce or any other similar act shall be staged or presented outside the University without the previous authorization and approval of the Dean of the College/Unit. 6. Only BU student organization duly recognized by the Office of the Student Service during the current school year may be allowed to publish and distribute written materials, or put up posters, signs, streamers, and the like. Each copy (and each page) of the proposed written materials must be submitted to the Office of Student Services/Coordinator Student Activities for verification and stamping of the words “Approved for Posting/Distribution- Dean of Student Services/Coordinator Student Activities” as a requirements before distribution or display. 7. No student may participate in an outside activity, contest, play, band, orchestra, choir conference, congress, association, club and similar groups as a representative of Bicol University without being so authorized in writing by the Dean of the College/Unit. Participation of students in such activities in their personal capacities is not contemplated in this reservation, provided, however, that in this case the University shall not be responsible for any consequence arising therefrom. 8. No student or organization seeking to sponsor any social event or activity associated with the University may make use of the institutional name of the University unless he/she is authorized to do so. Generally, use of the institutional name by any student or group off- campus is prohibited. Permission for such solicitation may, on exceptional cases, be obtained in writing from the Dean of the College/Unit. 9. Students should wear the prescribed uniform of the College while inside the campus. 10. Validated I.D Cards must be worn all the time within the school premises. The validated card should be used in all transactions in and out the University. Any student who fails to produce validated I.D Cards upon demand by any member of the faculty or any schools authority or security guard, may not be admitted to class or inside campus. 11. Students should help keep the building and campus clean at all times. Trash cans and similar receptacles should be used. Littering and writing on the walls, doors or any property of the University is prohibited. 12. Students should handle funds; mail matter or any important papers entrusted to them either by the University or any of the student organizations with utmost care and responsibility. 13. All funds accruing the students organization must be deposited in a reputable bank. At the end of every semester the bank book reflecting the...
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