Rules and Regulations Governing Domestic Sludge and Septage

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CODE ON SANITATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (PRESIDENTIAL DECREE 856) Rules and Regulations Governing Domestic Sludge

Chief Health Program Officer National Center for Disease Prevention and Control

• Overview of Code on Sanitation • Implementing rules and regulations of Chapter XVII – Sewage Collection & Disposal, Excreta Disposal and Drainage • Supplemental IRR – Collection, Treatment and Disposal of Sludge and Septage

What is PD 856? A consolidation of what used to be a disparate public health laws and regulations on sanitation. Covered all present day business enterprises and establishments. Date of Promulgation: December 23, 1975

Improvement of the way of the Filipinos by directing public health services towards the protection and promotion of the health of our people.

Chapter XVII - Sewage Collection and Disposal, Excreta Disposal and Drainage Implementing Rules and Regulations of Chapter XVII Date approved: December 21, 1995

Scope of Supervision of the Department of Health :

- method of disposal of sludge from septic tanks or other treatment plants

Requirements on Septic Tank

shall be located such that de-sludging equipment can have access to the opening manholes conveniently shall not be located under the building septic tanks shall be cleaned before excessive sludge or scum is allowed to accumulate and seriously reduce the settling efficiency.

Disposal of Sludge

Rules and Regulations Governing the Collection , Handling, Transport, Treatment and Disposal of Domestic Sludge and Septage” Date approved: May 4, 2004

SCOPE OF APPLICATION Engaged in the desludging, collection, handling and transport, treatment and disposal of domestic sludge and septage.

Domestic sludge – solid particle of domestic sewage, which settles at the bottom of the sedimentation tank and is digested by anaerobic bacteria, purely from domestic sources. Domestic sewage – wastewater composed of raw liquid and solid waste coming from residential and commercial uses. Septage – the combination of scum, sludge and liquid from household septic tanks.


Environmental Sanitation Clearance (ESC) from the Secretary of Health or the Director of the concerned Center for Health Development (CHD) as his duly authorized representative prior to operation.

The notarized ESC application shall be filed with the City/Municipal Health Office and then be forwarded to the CHD for validation. The ESC is a prerequisite to the issuance of Sanitary Permit.

ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION CLEARANCE Representatives or agents in the operation of such activities are not required to apply for an ESC but maybe allowed to transact for the owner/operator - MOA between the principal and the agent - An authenticated copy of the ESC

In applying for the ESC, a project description (PD) shall be submitted to the host City/Municipal Health Office for initial evaluation. This will be forwarded to the concerned CHD for final validation. PD Contents: operational process, environmental sanitation and site information i.e. the topography, geological conditions, and hydrology.

Attachment: Project Description ANNEX 2-A OUTLINE OFPROJECT DESCRIPTION FOR STATIONARY SERVICE AREA 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Basic Project Information Site Information Project Rationale / Objective Project Type & Area Covered Operational Processes Plans and Specifications Project Component Description of Existing Environment 9. Topography 10. Hydrology 11. Geological condition 12. Environmental Sanitation Measures 13. Brief Discussion on Environmental and Health Impacts 14. Brief Discussion on Mitigating/Control Measures 15. Occupational and Health Safety Measures 16. Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

ESC Flowchart
Project Proponent Submit notarized application & required documents to...
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