Rulers That Followed the Prince by Machiavelli

Topics: Mary I of England, French Wars of Religion, Elizabeth I of England Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Niccolò Machiavelli suggested in The Prince that a ruler should behave as both a fox and a lion, being both loved and feared. There are clever rulers who were strategic, courageous rulers who were effective, and successful rulers who possessed both qualities. Elizabeth I of England and Henery IV of France were two great rulers from Europe that were able to personify Machiavelli's advice.

Elizabeth I of England was able to act as a "fox" by preventing England from being torn apart over matters of religion. By repealing The Catholic Legislation of Mary Tudor's reign, she was able to make the New Act of Supremacy which dsignated her as the supreme govenor of spritual and temporal affairs. Also she restored the church service of the Book of Common Prayer, but was clever enough to make some revisions to make it more acceptable for Catholics. With keeping her subjects out conflict, she also made sure that her power within England remained preserved. She didn't marry anyone, because if she did, the real power would then belong to the king. Maintaining her power outside England ment keeping Spain under control. The "Sea Beggars" were an international group of anti-Spain pirates. Elizabeth made a secret alliance with the Sea Beggars, and sent them to the Netherlands to fight the Spainish. To make sure she was exempt from international problems because of her tie with the Sea Beggars, she immediately diassociated England from the doings of the Sea Begggars.

With doing clever and sniky things to maintain Englands power, she added courageous things to her list of accomplishements. One of her greatest challenges was her cousin, Queen Mary of Scots. Being that she was next in line to the English throne, Mary was a huge threath to Elizabeth's power. After fleeing from Scotland to England, she was put under house arrest by Elizabeth. In 1587, Mary was finally excuted after being caught in a plot to over throw Elizabeth. This direct action kept Elizabeth out of threat within...
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