Rugby - the Best Sport

Topics: Player, Players, The Players Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: March 4, 2011
Kevin Schamber
9 a.m.
Professor Mr. Miller
Essay 4: Justifying an Evaluation
February 25, 2011
In its early beginnings Rugby has been considered an anti-human sport, or that it comes very close to an animal sport because of its intensity and contact, as it tends to harm those that do not present dedication and discipline in their daily training, but a great mistake is made, because constancy and hard work at training in this sport makes it possible to prevent injuries and to the person that practices it, form his life. Rugby is the best sport, a way of life, the supreme test of strength, endurance, determination, and agility. The Rugby Blog, a very interactive website where rugby fans share opinions and predictions, does an excellent job covering most of the different aspects of Rugby. One will find from vital advices and information for rookies, articles, games recorded and news, to more complete sections on fitness and nutrition; this is why this blog has become widely popular and the choice of every rugby fan. Rugby is not just a sport, it’s a way of life that is based on values and an intense compromise. It is a collective business where its main characteristics are the tackle, which is the offering that each player provides to the team, and the pass, which is the expression of solidarity of a sport that is played with teammates. Since the beginning of Rugby and Football, when both sports separated around the XIX century, both presented themselves in opposition to each other: strength against agility; clean against disloyal playing. In Rugby is characteristic the respect towards the rules that not only players need to follow but the public too. The referee’s decisions are rarely questioned by the players. Moreover, sociability is fomented by a reunion after the games called third time, given generally between teammates, opponents, referees, and public. Here disagreements are put aside, a player that may have argued or even fight with an...

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