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Rudolf Steiner

By jazzyuen123 Apr 19, 2013 436 Words
Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner’s full name Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner was born in February 25th 1861, 11:15 pm. His birth place is in a tiny village in Kraljevec, and then within the borders of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, which as of today is part of Croatia. He died at the age of 64 at Switzerland in March 30th 1925. He was a highly trained scientist and philosopher and his aim was to found the basis of Anthroposophy. Steiner earned his doctorate and was later drawn into literary and scholarly circles. Rudolf Steiner’s reforming ideas still have strong impact in today education, medicine and agriculture. Steiner’s key principles of education for children are taking account of the needs of the whole child, which included academic, physical, emotional and spiritual. The government now days are still following the education principles of the Steiner movement. Steiner’s education approach has differed from mainstream education in various ways. Many of Steiner’s schools emphasised how important spiritual values and social skills and teaching methods which are based on children’s intellectual, practical and artistic teachings. Steiner also believed that physical development is regarded as important to, the schools ‘use a dance form called eurhythmy to help children’s physical development.’ Colour was regarded as important to Steiner because it helps a child with their imagination skills, and teaching about the colour spectrum is an important part of the education philosophy. Steiner understood the importance of developing the whole person. Furthermore development of children’s imagination was also helped with Steiner’s idea that younger children should play with wooden toys rather than plastic ones and computers should be used for when the children are older. Steiner believes that “seeing artistic activity and the development of the imagination as integral to learning.” From what he meant by that are when a child are given a toy car, no matter what they do it will still be a toy car. But if the child is given a block of wood or a cube, they could use their imagination and change the cube in to a house, a ball or a car. From this it tells us those children learn from their imagination and also could be creative just by given a simple toy or object.

Steiner once says “You will not be good teachers if you focus only on what you do and not upon who you are.” This reflect on what place you are in, as a teacher you would need to be equal to every child and reflect back to what you have teach in lesson to what need to be improved next time.

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