Rude Will vs. Grace Essay

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Love Pages: 4 (1208 words) Published: May 30, 2006
Rude Will vs. Grace

Ms. Jeon
Shazi Syed

Rude will can be described as emotional behavior, while grace is referred to as rational behavior, ironically these two elements bound together in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to create love. During the starting of the play, Juliet was a shy girl, always obedient and discreet she represents grace. Romeo on the other hand, was ignorant, foolish, rebellious, and irrational, he tends to show a spontaneous character and thus represents rude will. Once the balance between rude will versus grace is disrupted, the situation becomes dangerous, destructive, and unpredictable. In the play Romeo and Juliet, rude will versus grace illustrates the conflict between rational and irrational thinking and the importance of maintaining the balance.

Before Juliet met Romeo, before the passionate love that exploded, and before Juliet grew up into the bold and courageous mature woman, there was Juliet, the shy and innocent young girl that represented innocence and grace.During the start of the play, Juliet was obedient and well behaved, "madam, I am here, what is your will" (1.9.7). this indicates that Juliet is very polite and even though she was born to an upper-class family, Juliet still insists on calling her enlders by their titles. Juliet in her ways is very childlike at the start as she replied when asked about marriage, "It is an honour that I dream not of"(1.3.71). according to Shakespearean times, this answer would have been highly unusual as girls were considered for marriage as soon as they begun their menstrual cycle and Juliet, being thirteen years of age would have more than likely have begun hers. Making this statement shows how immature Juliet's character really is. On the contrary of being obedient, Juliet is also strictly religious as influenced by her parents, even in the process of falling in love with Romeo when they first met Juliet still resisted, as she replied to Romeo, "for saints...
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