Ruby Moon

Topics: Audience theory, Audience, Performance Pages: 4 (1112 words) Published: March 26, 2011
As the director and dramaturge for a fully mounted production of, Ruby Moon by Matt Cameron for a festival with a focus on Australian society I must select a relevant scene for an audience to promote the entire play. Ruby Moon was written in 2003 by Matt Cameron (1969), a Melbourne playwright who was heavily “influenced by headlines in the newspaper” regarding missing children which sparked many of his plot lines. His plays, in particular Ruby Moon, comment on the notion of a decimated community where there is no longer any communication between neighbours and how the suburbs are now deemed as unsafe and frightening. This is the paradox of Flaming Tree Grove, the street where Ruby Moon sets off to visit her grandmothers and is never seen again. . When an ominous parcel arrives on her parents, Sylvie and Ray Moons doorstep, they are prompted to call on their weird eccentric neighbours in an attempt to solve the mystery of Ruby’s disappearance. Ruby Moon is a fractured fairytale. The dramatic structure is cyclical and episodic. It is episodic in that it contains a prologue and an epilogue with a series of ten short, self-contained scenes which run strictly with no interval, each scene having its own narrative and complication. It is a contemporary Australian drama containing absurdist elements with many different acting styles such as representational, presentational, heightened naturalism, absurdism and mime with influences from Growtoski. To promote the play, I decided to preview Scene Seven to an audience as it best represents this decimated community at stake throughout this play which is a reacurring theme while also containing many Australian influences, being a place of high tension, engaging the audience and persuading them to see the rest of that play. As a dramaturge I must be able to study and interpret plays for actors and directors. I may advise on selecting plays, adaptations, translations, program notes, stagecraft’s etc. I must also be able to look...
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