rubbish at adultery plan

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Rhyme scheme Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: October 31, 2014
rubbish at idultry is technecly speaking of a man who is cheating on his wife with this woman but this peom is from her point of view and how she feels but in the poem she atlks about how her lover is so annooying because he keeps winging about how sorry he is for cheating on his wife

Rubbish at Adultery

Must I give up another night
To hear you whinge and whine
About how terribly grim you feel
And what a dreadful swine
You are? You say you’ll never leave
Your wife and children. Fine;

When have I ever asked you to?
I’d settle for a kiss.
Couldn’t you, for an hour or so,
Just leave them out of this?
A rare ten minutes off from guilty
Diatribes – what bliss.

Yes, I’m aware you’re sensitive:
A tortured, wounded soul.
I’m after passion, thrills and fun.
You say fun takes its toll,
So what are we doing here? I fear
We’ve lost our common goal.

You’re rubbish at adultery.
I think you ought to quit.
Trouble is, though, fidelity?
You’re just as crap at it.
Choose one and do it properly,
You stupid, stupid git.

Form: Dramatic monologue [Like ‘My Last Duchess’] the speaker is an anonymous female, NOT Sophie Hannah

Theme- the disappointment of affairs. The poem clearly shows that the supposed excitement of affairs is largely a myth: the reality is that they lead to disappointment and cynicism

The female is annoyed at her male lover and lists her complaints

Each stanza reveals a different complaint

Lots of negative words associated with the man, e.g: ‘whinge’; ‘whine’; ‘guilty diatribes’; ‘tortured, wounded’; ‘rubbish’; ‘crap’; ‘stupid’ More positive and excited words associated with the woman: ‘kiss’; ‘bliss’; ‘passion’; ‘thrills’; and ‘fun’

Tone: angry and annoyed

Rhyme scheme- an alternate rhyme is evident- every second line rhymes- yhe rhyme scheme suggests that she has reflected and come to conclusions about their relationship
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