Rubber Bands

Topics: The Band, Color, Rubber band, Bob Hoskins, Rubber, Rainbow / Pages: 2 (451 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2014
Jamie Shein
Mrs. Titus
Academic English I
3 October 2014
How to Make a Rainbow Loom Bracelet
The Rainbow Loom is a fun way to make rubber bands into a cool bracelet. The founder, Cheong Choon Ng, created this in 2011.
The supplies needed in order to create this bracelet are rubber bands, a loom kit, and a Rainbow Loom hook. When all the supplies are prepared, it is time to start. First, make sure that the red arrow is facing outward. Also, make sure that 25 rubber bands are supplied, with at least two different colors. Take a rubber band and wrap it around the first middle peg. Stretch the other end diagonally to the first right peg. Next, take different color band and wrap one end around the first right peg that one end of the first rubber band is wrapped around. Pull the other end diagonally onto the next middle peg. Continue this process until the end of the loom kit is reached. At this moment, flip the loom kit so that the red arrow is now facing inward at the top. Now it’s time to use the loom hook. Pick up the bottom rubber band from the first peg from the top that has two rubber bands on it. Once it is on the hook, take it off the peg it’s on and wrap it around the peg in the middle that the other end of the rubber band is already on. Note that the rubber band that was just on the hook should now make a tear drop shape. At this instant, pick the bottom rubber band off the peg that was just used, and wrap it around the peg the other end of the rubber band was on. Repeat this step until the bottom of the loom kit is reached. The next step is to pick both layers of the last rubber band and pull it out to the peg in the empty row of pegs. Notice that there are two layers of the band because in previous steps the band was wrapped around the peg twice. After it is pulled out, take a c or s clip and put it on both layers of the band. Pull the rubber bands of the peg by pulling the end up. Finally, put the clip on the other end of the bracelet. The

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