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Topics: Ratio, Water, Toilet Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: August 22, 2013
1. their respective year wise.
2. How many hostel blocks are there, give their names? How many rooms are there in each block? How many students are placed in each room (block wise)? 3. How many rooms are having exclusive washrooms/ bathrooms/ toilet facility (block wise)? How many common washrooms/ bathrooms/ toilets are there in each block? What is the ratio of rooms and washrooms/ bathrooms/ toilets (block wise)? 4. How many washrooms/ bathrooms/ toilets don’t have doors? How many washrooms/ bathrooms/ toilets don’t have bolts (lock facility) to doors, from inside and outside? If any maintenance works done for this academic year purpose till date provide data supported by payment details made for whom? 5. How frequently all the washrooms/ bathrooms/ toilets are cleaned (block wise report), and payments What are the available water sources for the university

2. What are the available water sources for the university as well as for the Hostel? How frequently you receive water from the available sources? If own sources are not available 3. Provide copies of advertisements published in various Telugu Dailies in the month of March, April, May, and June of 2013 for under graduate and PG courses. 4. How many water purifiers are provided in University College giving access to students? How many water purifiers are placed in Hostel blocks (block wise). 5. How frequently these purifiers are cleaned and maintained (block wise)? 6. Is hot water facility provided for students? If providing whether for free of cost or on payment of any amount. 7. Are complaint books available in each and each and every block? Is it freely available to students or will be in the custody of your hostel warden. 8. How much your are charging every month for hostel students 9. Charging sockets

10. Medical facilities
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