Rthe Role of the Health and Social Care Worker

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The role of the Health and social care worker

1. Policy for record keeping and records.

This policy outlines the expectations of what details need to be recorded and how they should be recorded. The purpose of this is for clarity and consistency to ensure the provision of safe and effective care.

In a health setting, records and record keeping ensures the welfare of the client is protected because it ensures inter- professional communication is clear.

In social care this is also essential. The record keeping expected and outlined in the policy and handbook for foster carers means the system should and be clear and followed by all professionals. Fostering Agencies record information about foster carers, which will include a copy of their approval report and all relevant checks and references and foster care reviews. There will also be a record of all the children placed with the foster carers. If the foster carers wish to see their records they should discuss this with their fostering social worker. All children looked after by Social Services will have a complete set of records, which will be kept up to, date by the child’s social worker. When a child is placed with a foster carer, the carer should receive a copy of the ‘planning document’ from the child’s social worker. As the placement progresses the foster carer will receive copies of reviews they have attended regarding the child. Copies of all these documents should be kept as part of the child’s records.

All foster carers should keep a daily record on the child or children placed with them. This does not have to be comprehensive; a diary of short notes is most often sufficient. It is important to keep a record of any significant events and behaviour for a number of reasons: •Recording the behaviour of a child (including the dates of any particular incidents) of both positive and negative behaviour, could help to identify a behaviour pattern. •A diary can help to monitor a child’s progress during a placement. A diary of events and incidents can help a foster carer to remember at a later date, things that otherwise might be disputed, for example, an accident to the child, failure to attend a contact visit, medication given and why and so on. •An accurate diary can assist decision making at Child Care Reviews, Planning Meetings, Case conferences and court proceedings. •A diary of incidents can support a foster carer’s application for additional help. A diary can reduce the risk to the foster carer and their family of a compliant or allegation made against them, particularly if the complaint is made a long time after the event.

2. Policy for Child Protection.

This policy details the exact expectations and procedures that must be followed regarding any child protection issues. As all policies are written from The All Wales Procedures and in line with The Children’s Act 2004, the policies are almost the same in any setting. The details of the policy ensure all staff and professionals are clear about the expectations on them and also the procedures that must be followed carefully.

The policy also gives details of responsibilities and time scales that need to be adhered to; it clearly outlines reporting procedures and also should give flow charts to illustrate the system followed in all cases.

Foster carers are expected to care for children safely and securely, ensuring their protection and welfare at all times. All Fostering Agencies provide Safe Caring training and best practice is to produce a Safe Caring Policy, which sets out how foster carers intend to ensure the protection of all children in the household. The Safe Caring Policy is usually reviewed at each foster carer’s annual review of approval and with each new placement of a child. Allegations of abuse against foster carers or other members of the carer’s household including other foster children, may result in a formal investigation under the provisions of Section 47 of the 1989...
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