Royal Caribbean Cruise Case Study

Topics: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Cruise ship, Royal Caribbean International Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: March 12, 2014
The Royal Caribbean Cruises definitely lacked in many aspects of the Cycle of Capability. The article stated nothing about limitations and expectations of employees, employee recognition, how satisfied the employees were, employee referrals of potential job candidates, or employee/customer selection. However, since this case focused on technology, I can see that Royal Caribbean Cruise lines have incredibly well-designed support systems. With the leapfrog program in effect and several technological innovations Murphy implemented, the customer’s needs were not only met, they were exceeded.

1.) After the arrival of CIO Murphy, the role and focus of the IT department changed drastically, in a positive way. Once appointed his new CIO position, Murphy made it clear that his main focus was on IT’s customers. One innovation that Murphy cited was linking the shore-excursion booking to the web. Before this had been done, shore excursions were a tedious chore for the cruise ship’s passengers. This new innovation made customers happier, and decreased the costs. And since the passengers excursions were booked and payed for in advance, they would tend to forget and spend just as much money aboard the ship as they would before. Over 10 months, the approximate revenue was around $22 million. Another change was the onboard internet cafes and web access for the crew members. Charging the crew $0.10/minute and the guests $0.50/minute also drove the company’s revenue higher. Murphy initiated positive technological change to the cruise line, and it is no question that Murphy was the right man for the job. “Since Murphy’s arrival, there had been a 50% staff turnover in four years, and the revamped IT team had won significant awards in the past year.” The most effective IT change that Murphy introduced to Royal Caribbean was the Leapfrog project. 2.) Leapfrog was a $200 million project which focused on supply chain, employee systems, and customers. The first aspect, supply chain,...
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