roxane qimby case

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Roxanne Quimby Case

1. Stay in north calorina:
Quimby has done work a lot to make the company successful. As her business is growing, she believes that the growth is beyond her expertise, goals and definitely beyond Maine, and she wanted to expand it more. According to me, If Quimby stays in north Calorina, there are chances that the Burt's bees might grow its business in larger scale because she has expertise in calorina which they can’t get in Maine. She has found marketing experts and plant engineer here which helps her to manage and run her business in more efficient way. Due to lack of her formal business training, she might able in Calorina to train herself by watching the experts she hired here. Below are the some advantages for staying in North Calorina: Less Taxes as was in Maine

Low transport cost
Central Location
Less labor intensive
Expertise in marketing and plant engineering
High opportunities
So, keeping the above factors in mind, Quimby should need to stay in north Calorina. She should need to use her manufacturing expertise, bird-in-hand, as a basic factor in order to expand her business more. Her strong vision also beneficial act as her strength here. She need to made the innovation in her product as she did earlier in Maine by making new designs and innovative products. So by using bird-in-hand facilities, she can survive in Calorina and can expand her business that results in high profit. As we know that there is risk attach with the decision. Although they had not bear any loss yet but it is not sure that it won’t happened in future because business is not all about profits, you have to face losses as well. But keeping the following opportunities into mind, she need to start the business here and leverage surprises or contingencies by using the using the Lemonade principle. She is aware about the risk and the entrepreneurial skills are polished in her. So she should need to avail the opportunity while keeping the risk in...
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