rowing the bus

Topics: Abuse, Bullying / Pages: 2 (480 words) / Published: Nov 13th, 2013
EBS-021 Rowing the Bus

First Impression
1. Yes I enjoyed reading this selection because, many children that we are unaware of go through the harassment of classmates though out their lives. It’s a very upsetting topic because, these children are defenseless and put to shame for doing absolutely nothing.
2. If Paul would have stood up for George at the age he was, I believe he would have also been beat up but, it would have made Paul not live in the guilt that he did nothing but watch.
3. Yes we had bullies but not to that certain extent where they isolated and humiliated, they just chanted names and insulted the victims.
Vocabulary check
1. C. Imitate
2. B. Faking
3. C. Break
4. A. Easily Wounded
5. B. Made a greatmany spelling errors.
6. C. Get off the stage and let a real band play!
7. B. Was in a hurry
8. A. No matter how tough his workday was, he always looks perfectly calm when he gets home.

Reading Check
1. C. Logan’s experience of being bullied and his shame at how he was treated eventually made him speak up for someone who was teased.
2. A. The first sentence of paragraph 2
3. D. Other student did not want Logan to be a member of their team when games were played.
4. D. Accepting the beating
5. A. Donald about to throw paper at a younger student
6. C. He had a foreign accent.
7. D. Became a bully himself
8. B. Bullying can lead to terrible tragedies at school
9. False
10. A. an anecdote that illustrates the humiliation he suffered.

Discussion Questions
1. I believe Paul Logan titled his selection “Rowing the Bus” because, his harassment as a child was called that and as he started growing up he realized that he wasn’t the only victim to bullying, so he named the article after what he was tormented as a child.
2. I have been in that situation but, I never turned my back on that person because I wouldn’t want the same done to me. A friend of mine was being harassed by this guy and I told him to stop

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