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For my placement one I am working with children aged 3-5 in a infant school, I am involved in on a daily basis ensuring that the routine are followed and are implemented Routine

Story time
My routine with story time is to make sure that all the children come in from lunch time nicely and make sure they sit on the carpet correctly, the correct way to sit on the carpet is to be quiet and make sure they are sitting on their bottom. Once they have sat on the floor, i then ask one child to pick a book in my selection i then start reading the book to the children and i ask questions about the book and its characters. Snack Time

My snack time routine is to ensure that all children are lined up quietly,ready to go and wash their hands. As the children wash their hands i start to prepare the fruit that have been selected and place them in a basket. Once the children come back from their hand washing i make sure they are sitting down quietly before i fetch the fruit, i fetch the fruit and hand the basket round, once a child has picked their snack they go and line up ready for their break.

Activity time
My routine for activity time is to prepare the activity that i will be doing with the children a day before i do it. The children will be placed on the carpet and the teacher will start to pick groups for different activites i then choose my group for example red group and then they will be placed on the table where the activity is based, i will then demostrate to the children what activity we are doing and i shall leave them to get on with it but i shall be there for any help.

Home Time
At home time all the children are placed on the floor quietly after there tidy up time with the previous activity. After the children go and sit down I go and get there book bags from the yellow box and hand them to the children while they are sitting down, children who are handed there bags are then allowed to go and collect coats, they will then need to line up ready for...
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