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Round Characters in Romeo and

Oct 08, 1999 509 Words
Think how boring life would be if all humans only demonstrated one personality trait. In literature, characters are made more interesting by being developed as round characters, people with more that one personality trait. In Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo demonstrates being lovesick, impulsive, and sneaky. One of the personality traits that Romeo demonstrates in the play is being lovesick. First, when Romeo falls in love with Rosaline, she does not respond. As a result he forces himself to live in an artificial night. He also keeps to himself by avoiding every person who tries to talk to him. When Bevolio and Lord Montague learn of this, they try and figure out why Romeo is in the state that he is. Lord Montague says, “...And private in his chamber pens himself,/ Shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out,/ And makes himself an artificial night” (Act One, scene two, lines 137 to 139). Romeo gets over Rosaline when he sees Juliet at the ball at Lord Capulet’s house. Obviously, Romeo’s inability to find true love forces him to become lovesick. Another personality trait that Romeo demonstrates in the play is being impulsive. One of the parts where this personality trait is shown is in the Capulet’s orchard when Romeo and Juliet set the wedding date. Acting too quickly, they plan it for the next day. Juliet says, “...Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow,/ By one that I’ll procure to come to thee,/ Where and what time thou wilt perform the rite...” (Act Two, scene two, lines 144-146). Another is when Romeo leaves Mantua because he hears of Juliet’s death. If he waited for just five minutes, he would have seen the letter that was sent to him explaining the Friar’s plans. As you can see, Romeo is quite impulsive throughout the play. Another one of the personality traits that makes Romeo a round character is his being sneaky. One thing that makes Romeo a sneaky character is when he, Benvolio, and Mercutio go to the ball at Lord Capulet’s house. They dress in masks so that no one will recognize them. Another thing Romeo is sneaky about is the marriage between himself and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet do not want their families to know of the plans between them; Romeo and the Friar go quietly so that he and Juliet can proceed with their marriage. The Friar says, “But come young waverer, come go with me./ Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast” (Act Two, scene four, lines 89 and 94). Obviously, Romeo is very sneaky throughout the play. In conclusion, it is clearly evident that Romeo demonstrates many personality traits within the play. Being lovesick, impulsive, and sneaky all make Romeo a round character. Obviously in the world today, people demonstrate many personality traits. Hopefully, when I am exposed to the real world, people will not see me as one-dimensional.

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