Rough Draft on Joe Kita "All to Be Tall"

Topics: Self-awareness, Time, Self Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Kanichole Harris09/16/2010
Rough Draft: Written By: Joe Kita “All To Tall”
Mrs. Sanker-12:30 – 1:45

Mainly the story is about an author named Joe Kita and his hook “All to be tall”. The main purpose of the story is to show how far people will go to “fix” what’s wrong with them. As you may know Jim Conran was self-conscious about his height and went through a painful surgery on his legs to make him taller. The article states a quote “Every six hours” he must turn these pins ever so slightly in order to tighten wires that pull the bones apart and align them correctly. The article states that he has been doing this now for sixty-eight days. All the time, the pain has been intensity. “The main problem with this is the message that’s being sent by jobs, magazines ECT. There are so many people that feel the need turn to dynastic measures to alter themselves. Another problem with these types of surgeries is that “long-term effects are unknown”. What seems like a good idea at the time could have long-term consequences that people aren’t aware of. In Jim’s case he was tired of being self conscious about his height and was looking for a solution to provide confidence which he ended up getting in the end….. But at what cost? Jim has no idea what could be in store for him in the future and it’s not like he could undo it either. If something happens to Jim, then he will have to deal with the consequences finically. Whatever could go wrong obviously to contact it and he already spent $70,000 to get the procedure done in the first place.
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