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Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, United States presidential election, 2008 Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: December 23, 2008
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Healthcare reforms a recent issue occurring in United States of America. Catherine Arnest an article writer for BusinessWeek who was a winner for the Computer Press Award wrote the article titled “Health-Care Reform: McCain vs. Obama.” Which relates to Obama’s plan for healthcare and McCain plan though her view is that McCain plan is less likely to help the people who don’t have healthcare. By Catherine Arnest saying, “There is a basic philosophical difference at the heart of the health-care reform proposals of Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, and in this case McCain really is the maverick.” Catherine stating this meaning that she feels Barack Obama has a better plan for fixing healthcare then McCain, her view is that McCain only cares about his own interests not really much the problems of the people. Even though there are so many people suffering from not enough money given by healthcare or don’t even have healthcare at all. McCain’s plan is to totally destroy healthcare and use the money provided for healthcare to go directly to the people with a fix amount per person every year. And the costs of both plans are also held accountable. Like Catherine said, “There are two aspects to the proposals of both candidates—coverage and rising costs.” This shows how money is important for the plan of McCain and Obama but where does this money come from? Well its going to come from taxpayers. They are going to use our money to fix these problems but to do so they need higher taxes place on the people. Not only will the people feel mad but also rising taxes can destroy some families which can barely survive their environment currently. As seen in Catherine’s article it shows that healthcare cost has rise 9 percent every year. So its gets hard and hard to fix the problems that healthcare has place on America. Though McCain plan is consider as a plan that cost money but both Barack Obama and McCain plans cost a lot of money. But McCain plan is...
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