Rothmc Angry Incidents

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Choose 3 incidents in the novel that make you feel angry and explain with close reference why they arose those feelings.

The three outrageous incidents in the book which make me feel anger are the burning of the berry’s, Cassie’s encounter with Lillian Jean and Cassie’s encounter with Mr Barnett. These 3 events emphasize the main theme of discrimination the whites display against the blacks whereby no justice was given to the blacks. The whites disregarded the blacks because they were so trapped in their own bubble and world of superiority that they forget the black’s human existence. The blacks were always seen as in the wrong and these issues angered me as only the voices of the whites were heard whereas the voices of the blacks were simply dismissed.

Firstly, I feel furious about the burning of the berry’s incident as the whites were subjected to such terrible injustice as the law was naturally on the white’s side. Henrietta was with John Henry and Beacon when they ran into the whites at the petrol station whereby the white men had “been drinking” and accused the berry’s of “flirtin with Sallie Ann”; calling them “nigger(s)”. After the Berry’s tried to flee, going to their Uncle’s house, the white men “dragged” them out and they “lit him (Old man Berry) afire with the boys”. However, when Henrietta went to the town sheriff to tell him about it, he “called her a liar” and “sent her home”. From the fact that the white men had been drinking when they came to the petrol station, it emphasizes the possibility that they most probably would have been too drunk to have had a clear state of mind but yet they still threw a false accusation into the air and insulted the berry’s with a derogatory term which added to the tense situation. However, based on this false rumour, they went after the Berry’s and the fact that they could drag the Berry’s out of their very own house, it shows that the blacks were not even given respect as whites could just forcefully barge...
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