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Topics: United States, U.S. state, Western culture Pages: 1 (445 words) Published: January 4, 2011
David Rothkopf is saying that the U.S wants to be the main attraction of every other country.  He states in the article that if the world is moving towards a common language it will be English meaning that it would overcome other languages.  He also shares that “The United States dominates this global traffic in information and ideas. American music, American movies, American television, and American software are so dominant, so sought after, and so visible that they are now available literally everywhere on the Earth. They influence the tastes, lives, and aspirations of virtually every nation.”  He is stating that every other country is inspired by what The United States have to offer.  I recently saw a video in one of my classes’ industrial organization how in India their culture is evolving and looking more like Americans the way they speak, dress and eat the same as in The United States it was a documentary of how American jobs were distribute in India and how the people believe much later on that their country would be more likely like The United States.  This article interesting of how globalization affects us with their mixtures and diversity.  I believe it’s a great thing to have all these cultures around us especially if some of us can’t travel to these places we would love to visit we still have a little taste of their country it can be with their dish, their games or even how they dress. I feel that the authors point of views can be easily interpret as arrogant due to the fact that most part of the article is written about the Important roll the united states plays in this globalization of information, data etc. However even though many cultures like Singapore for example, may feel this way the truth is that no culture can isolate from globalization everyone will be affected in one way or another there are those that are worried about how it may influence their culture like many southern countries and there are those like the U.S that are going to...
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