Rot & Ruin

Topics: Love, The Zombies, Aerosmith, Surnames, Zombie, Sibling / Pages: 3 (586 words) / Published: Apr 3rd, 2013
The Rot & Ruin: By Johnathan Maberry

In this work of fiction Johnathan Maberry tells the story of a young boy named Benny Imura, and how he went from first night to where he is now. First night, or the night the zombie virus first appeared, was disastrous for humanity. It spread like wildfire through a dry forest. Benny Imura remembers one moment of first night, and due to that moment he hates his half brother Tom Imura. Benny remembers his mother handing his two year old self through a window to Tom who then turned and ran. Benny thinks his brother is the biggest coward in the world, but does he know the truth of first night?
Thirteen years later Benny is living in a fenced in village called Mountainside and with his fifteenth birthday drawing closer he must find a job before his rations are cut in half. He does not care what job as long as it is easy and requires minimal physical labor. He goes through many jobs trying to find one before he is left with only one choice, and it is the choice he has been attempting to avoid all along. He must be the apprentice of his half brother Tom. Tom is a closure specialist, and by that I mean he is hired by people to find family members and friends who have been turned into zombies and “quiet” them.
When Benny goes out into the rot and ruin with Tom he sees a whole new way to look at zombies and he finds out his brother is not really a coward and his idols are not what they seem to be, but most importantly he finds out what really happened on first night. When the girl he is falling in love with is kidnapped and thrown into a pit to fight against zombies at Gameland Benny and Tom find themselves in a race against time to get her back.
This book offers a different view point of zombies and how they are not just mindless monsters who need to be destroyed. Most people forget that these zombies were once people and while yes they are very dangerous they should still be treated with the respect of any

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