Topics: Meaning of life, Damnation, Kurt Vonnegut Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Zach Botkins
Mrs. Mussi
AP English IV
October 23, 2010

“God bless you Mr. Rosewater” is a phrase spoken but never meant. Eliot Rosewater serves a purpose to everyone but himself within the God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater standing as a back post for the weak and merciful poor, and as an undeniable powerhouse amongst the wealthy. Eliot Rosewater is as confused about himself as all others are around him, having enough money to take care of an entire family, yet spreading the wealth amongst his community. He lives alone inside of himself, standing by the telephone day and night, waiting for a phone call. This is what makes Eliot Rosewater the unlikely hero, he is a fool and a criminal in the minds of his father and his colleagues yet he stands as a god amongst his community, the people he cares about more than life itself. Eliot Rosewater stands out to the reader and the characters within the novel due to his lack of the one trait we all share, greed. The actions of Eliot show that he is a man that has struggled to do more than is expected of him, feeling guilt; he is a character that is struggling to make things right in a world he does not understand. Eliot Rosewater inherits the Rosewater fortune after his father sees him fit to do so, leaving Eliot in charge while his father remains senator of Rosewater, Indiana. Rosewater begins as a man that’s apparently very intelligent but feels lost in the world that surrounds him. He sees no purpose for himself, as of this time he was not head of the Rosewater Foundation. Eliot attends schools such as Harvard during his young adult life. After graduating from Harvard, Eliot deems himself unfit to continue through the motions of society and instead enlists himself into the military. After returning home from the war he marries a woman named Sylvia and tries to begin a new life. However, he is plagued by his responsibility for the death of a child during the war. Rosewater begins to drink while trying to maintain a life...
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