Rosemary Dobson

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Rosemary Dobson

Before we start with the

Do you remember who Rosemary Dobson is?

What did she write about?

Classwork from the previous
Words to Define:
• Cherubs: a winged angel
• Mizzen-mast: The third mast on a ship, usually after the biggest one. • Agape: mean to love (Greek agapi), in Christian theology love of God or Christ • Triton: Greek god, messenger of the sea, a merman son of Poseidon. • Conch: name give to a number of sea snails, also known by their shell • Scrolls: a roll of papyrus, parchment, paper containing writing. • Heathen: a person not relating to the widely held religions by those who do • Columbus: An Italian traveller who went to Portugal and was sent to explore. • Isle of Pearls: a collection of islands in Panama (between North and South America)

• Square-rigged: The set out of the sails
• De Bry (‘Will’): A traveller who drew detailed drawings of the New World • hatch: small opening which allows access from one place to another

Accumulation: the collection or amass of items.

Emphasis: special importance or stress on an idea.

Italics: the use of a slanting font when we wish to
emphasise an idea.

Historical allusion a reference to something that
has happened in history and is similar or
happening again.

Why do we tell stories?

Look and think about the following question. Then
answer them

Why do we tell stories?

When do you tell stories?

Why is the pub or a gathering a place to tell

Traveller’s Tale

Where is the play set?

What is the speaker describing?

Why do you think the speaker uses such imagery?

What do you think is the purpose of the poem?

Ghost Town: New
Rosemary Dobson

Where is it set?

It is in the north of NSW, we
established this in class

What kind of climate and
landscape do you expect in
this place?

Why is it called rural?

Stanzas of the poem

Write a sentence next to each stanza describing
what it is about.

For the language techniques used, draw a table for
the six stanzas and name and give an example of
the techniques used.

Techniques found: imagery, repetition, metaphor

Ideas from the poem
Discovery of new lands and landscapes does not always result in a sustained pattern of settlement
Discovery is often a rediscovery of a past we need to engage with if we are to appreciate the impermanence of existence

We need to take time to ‘see’ with the poet’s eye or that of anyone who can give us insight into the social and cultural landscapes that frame our view of a national identity
Rediscovery leads to new understandings of a world beyond ourself – an appreciation of what others experienced, the isolation and the community of the past.

Emotional relics of the past remind us that we are all subject to becoming artefacts that, once explored and evaluated, may present a continuance between the past and the present and the future sense of being and connection to a national landscape.

A state of being and not being – existence then none- the epiphany that all things are subject to transitional continuums

The Tiger

Is about the process of writing, the troubled mind of a poet is like that of a caged tiger. Structure: a quatrain poem (4 lines per stanza with the rhyme scheme abcb)

The first stanza describes the feeling of being caged, lack of freedom, having no voice and the urge to break free. Alliteration, metaphor is used.

Stanza two explains how the poet is trapped by what is to be written on the page. The poem makes reference to the past when the writer was able to express themselves, however at this stage they are stuck.

Stanza three describes the gaze of the poet, looking staring looking for the light, the answer. The poet is hunting, watching, trying to seek the words.

The last stanza invites the reader...
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