Rosemary's Baby

Topics: Horror film, Satanism, Ira Levin Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Rosemary’s Baby

Originally pre-1960 Hollywood horror cinema consisted of stories of legendary figures gone rogue and classic horror tales. None represented evil. Evil is what makes human society imperfect, and through Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby, we were able to face evil first hand, in both a bestseller novel and critically acclaimed film adaptation. This novel redefined horror at its finest; satanic cults, scary hotels, and even mysterious herbs. It had it all, which made readers even more eager to pick up a copy. It proved that true evil can (and literally) will show itself when it needs to. Sometimes the people you trust most will not always be who you think them to be.

Guy and Rosemary Woodhouse, a loving couple that are going through financial issues with the husband trying to find work as an actor well Rosemary is the usual housewife to her time’s fashion. We begin with them moving into the Bramford apartment, an old Victorian-era gothic building with gargoyles lining the roof. Yet their good friend, Hutch advises against their decision to move into there. After being there for only a few days, Rosemary goes the down to the laundry room to start her daily routine, when she meets a woman by the name of Terry Gionoffrio – a fellow neighbor. Terry is a recovering drug addict that is living with the Castevets’ up on Rosemary’s floor. Before they end their conversation, Rosemary notices Terry’s beautiful pendant necklace, and when she reveals it to Rosemary a strong odor encompasses the room; it was a gift from the Castevets’ after Terry successfully recovered. They say their goodbyes with a promise to meet and dine later on.

After a night on the town, the Woodhouses’ return to the Bramford to see that Terry has committed suicide by jumping of her balcony. When police are starting to convene at the scene to handle the situation, the Castevets’ arrive and shallowly grieve, and only afterwards do they introduce themselves to the Woodhouses’....
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