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By roseyg94 Mar 24, 2011 636 Words
Research information

Title: Pollution

Aim : To explain how man has degraded the environment at Old Harbour Bay.


How data was collected:
It was collected by walking around the fishing village using a questionnaires asking the fishermen the necessary questions.

When data was collected:
It was collected on January 12, 2011. between the hours of 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Where data was collected:
It was collected at the fishing village located in Old Harbour Bay. [pic]

According to the Caribbean Environment for CXC Geography, Pollution is a substance which causes an undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological environment. Although there are some natural pollutants such as volcanoes, pollution generally occurs because of human activity. Pollution occurs in three ways: Land, Water and Air. Pollution may affect: the atmosphere. This is Air Pollution, rivers, seas, lakes and groundwater. This is Water Pollution, rocks and the soil. This is Land Pollution. No part of the world is free from air pollution. In the Arctic and Antarctic, the air appears clear; but traces of industrial chemicals can be found in the atmosphere and in falling snow. In most of the Caribbean , the air also appears clean. The trade winds blow from the east, across several thousand kilometers at open ocean. However, both worldwide and locally generated air pollution affect the region. Production of excess carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases is a form of air pollution, which has worldwide effects. Families and businesses produce increasing quantities of solid waste-kitchen garbage, paper, plastics, glass and other material. Some waste is hazardous, for example if it contains poisonous materials such as lead or dioxin chemicals. Some solid waste is taken to dump sites. This creates many problems: • Rotting organic matter releases sulphur compounds and gases. • Decomposing organic matter releases methane, or gas which creates a fire hazard. • Hazardous waste may release heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals. Old Harbour Bay is a settlement in Jamaica. It has a population of 8,537 as of 2009. On the Southern road from Spanish Town is the town of Old Harbour Bay which has 17,883 people. On the coast five kilometers (3 miles) from Old Harbour is Old Harbour Bay, the largest fishing village in Jamaica. It has a fine harbour with one of the best deep-water piers in the island. The main generating power plant of the Jamaica Public Service is in Old Harbour Bay. Wastewater usually goes to absorption pits or septic tank on site. Few towns (20%) have wastewater treatment facilities. Other issues related to sanitation come from solid waste disposal. Much of the ground and open storm sewers are littered with cans, bottles, etc. The storm sewers seem to be a convenient trash can. Much of the waste in the storm sewers wash out to sea polluting the waters and contaminating the fish and coral reefs. Old Harbour Bay also is a small fishing village. The pollution mostly occur at Old Harbour Bay pollution. This is do because there was mainly garbages on the land. These occur by dumping, burning and deposition of solid waste which causes the degradation of the Earth’s land surfaces which caused often by human activities and their misuse of land resources. The second most pollution occurs at Old Harbour Bay, is Water Pollution. This is so because when they throw back the fish guts in the water it causes the water to became brown and dirty which is not good for fishes. Oil spill also occur when the boats and ship set out to sea and there is oil leaking out. There is also a lot of water on the land which needs to be sorted out by building a drainage pattern for the water to run-off and not causing puddles for diseases to develop.

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