Rosa Parks

Topics: United States, Martin Luther King, Jr., Racial segregation Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: May 12, 2014
 Raveena Ravinthiran

An Inspirational Character

Rosa Parks was a famous American black woman who fought for equal

human rights during the 19th century. She made a huge impact during her time

period, which allows females to have a voice in society today. Furthermore, Rosa

Park also helps prevent racial discrimination, since blacks were at the bottom of the

hierarchy when compared to Americans that were Caucasians. Without her

ambition and determination we would be living in society with male dominance and

ethnic discrimination where white people would be more superior. Rosa Parks

inspires me as an individual because she allows me to be motivated and persevere

my goals even if I do not succeed the first time. Rosa Parks was determined to earn

human rights and during the process, she encountered many obstacles such as being

thrown in jail for refusing to get up from her seat. Rosa Parks has always been my

role model ever since I heard about her in elementary school. I remember sitting in

class thinking that what she did was absolutely extraordinary. It is hard to stand up

for your rights when you feel that you are alone, however when it is something that

you feel strongly about, you’re never alone. Rosa Parks opened an eye for other

African Americans to also stand up for their beliefs in equality. She did so by

informing all Africans to avoid using public transportation until her trail was

finished. Park’s choices showed how one person could make a big impact on society.

She inspired others, including Martin Luther King Jr., to use non-violence and civil

disobedience as a way to protest problems in society. Despite threats to their lives,

the community continued to refuse to ride the buses. In November 1956, the U.S.

Supreme Court outlawed segregation on buses. After the court order arrived in

Montgomery, blacks began riding the buses again, sitting wherever they...
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