Rosa Parks

Topics: Montgomery Bus Boycott, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks Pages: 3 (629 words) Published: September 24, 2013

Rosa Parks Outline

Rosa Parks affected history by contributing to the NAACP, by helping begin the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and by helping during the Civil Rights movements and fighting for equality for African Americans. I. Introduction

A. “The only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”
1. Rosa was the youth adviser in the NAACP group, and taught her students to resist segregation whenever they could.
2. She was admired in the black community as a dedicated volunteer who served as secretary of local NAACP since 1943.
B. Thesis Statement
II. Early Life
A. Rosa was born during the Jim Crow Laws, where blacks and whites were segregated in practically every way in everyday life.
B. “Separate but equal” was the description of the Jim Crow Laws created by the United States federal government.
1. Clothing shops were only for either whites or blacks, but hardly ever both. The worst part is that the government approved of it; they were the ones that instated the laws in the first place.

2. Parks remembered going to school in Pine Level where the buses took whites to school, but the black children had to walk.
3. “The bus was among the first ways I realized there was a white world and a black world.” –Rosa. III. MP1: Rosa affected history by contributing to the NAACP.
A. Rosa was secretary and youth advisor on the NAACP board.
1. This was an important job.
2.She knew a lot of people, and they knew her. They knew she was soft spoken, gentle, and kind.
1. Members of the NAACP risked reprisals for being activists.
2. They chose February 12, 1909 to start the organization, in honor of President Abraham Lincoln. IIII. MP2: Rosa helped begin Montgomery Bus Boycott.
A. Parks finally got a job working for Virginia Durr. They soon became friends, and later Durr arranged for Parks to stay at Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee, for a week.
1. Highlander Folk School was a place where they held interracial...
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