Rosa By Elaine Cunnignham

Topics: Family, Mother, High school, Love, Marriage, Woman / Pages: 1 (153 words) / Published: Oct 1st, 2016
The book Rosa is written by Elaine Cunnignham. It is a Christian fiction which has 101 pages. This book setting is in Washington D.C. Abeka published this book 2014.
This book is about a Mexican girl and her family in Washington. Soon her and her little brother and sister meet a girl named Betty. Later Rosa started to go to school with Betty. Soon after that Rosa got saved and also got to sing in a program. Later Rosa lied to her parents about spending the night with her cousin. When she really spended the night with Betty. Rosa saved a little boy named Timmy who was about to drowned.
Rosa is a Mexican girl who is in sixth grade. Shen as a brother and a sister. She knows how to make tortillas.She has dark brown hair. She lives in Washington.

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