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Greek/Latin Roots

Acer, Acid, Acri- Bitter, Sour, Sharp
Acerate : Shaped like a needle.
Acidity: Quality of sourness
Acrimonious: Nagging and bitter

The acerate building towered over me.
The acidity of vinegar made him vomit.
The wife grew acrimonious.

Anni, Annu, Enni- Year
Annuity: Money paid annually
Biennial: Occurrence of two years
Triennial: Occurrence of three years

His annuity was a good six figures.
The biennial pie bake-off is being held in Reno.
Arthur won the triennial marathon.

Anthrop- Man
Anthropic: Of mankind
Anthropoid: Resembling man
Anthropology: The study of man

Anthropic reasoning creates solutions.
Apes are anthropoids.
Many historians are also anthropologists.

Auto, Aut- Self
Autograph: A signature of a person
Autobiography: A story of someone's life written by them self
Automatic: To act by itself

The man signed the picture of himself and handed it to the adoring fan.
The autobiography was a best-seller.
The actor's improvisation came automatically.

Bio- Life
Antibiotic: A bacteria killing agent
Biology: The study of life
Biogeny: Development of life

The girl was put on antibiotics for her strep throat.
Biology was a very interesting class.
The boy contemplated biogeny.

Capit, Capt- Head
Capital: Amount of accumulated goods; property; money
Capitalize: To make capital
Capitate; To form a head

The capital of Washington is Olympia.
Joe needs to capitalize proper nouns.
The girl capitated the clay doll.

Carn- Flesh
Carnage- Excessive killing of many people
Carnation- A pink flower
Carnival- A Catholic tradition held before Lent

Jack the Ripper was notorious for his/her carnage.
A pink carnation was left on her headstone.
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