Topics: People, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: March 10, 2013
1.) Against: Why is that why do we spend so much time looking for the bad things and so little time on the good things that celebrity do. Celebrities can’t hide from the non- stopping, media machine. It follows them wherever they go. 2.) For: Knowingly there's a lot of pressure out there for these Hollywood Stars. They get paid stacks of money just to get the hottest bodies on earth. According to Newsweek’s reporter Kathleen Deveny, kids today are being shown images of oversexed, underdressed celebrities who can’t seem to step out of their cars without showing us their parts. 3.) Obviously Paparazzi will keep chasing celebrities trying to catch them in embarrassing moments or making a general nuisance of themselves. Celebrities never get their privacy; it’s a mayhem just stepping out their houses! 4.) Have you seen the effect on what’s it doing on teens diets? Teens think, "look how beautiful she looks and she's skinny as a stick." They assume that just because celebs get these comments; they think it’s alright going out in public, underdresses and think it’s alright to go and starve to death. 5.) Against: Still, there are some celebrities, who use their fame to bring about change and are good celebrity role models. Look at Angelina Jolie for instance. She hasn't done anything ludicrous to get attention, plus she's adopted children and donated money to charity. Or Oprah Winfrey- she's donated $40million to charity and set up a school in South Africa; and not to forget Jennifer Aniston, Damien Marley, Eva Longaria and Leonardo DiCaprio for doing very similar things. Conclusion: “I’d really like to live the life of a celebrity,” many say- Then again, you might not. Celebrities, now more than ever, truly have no privacy. We are a fame-obsessed culture, but then, we have always been so. Yes, some celebrities are troubled and it seems that they can’t do right but if we didn’t care so much than they wouldn’t be on the covers of the magazines. The editors of those...
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