Roommates: Dog and People

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Have you ever imaged that you are going to live with someone you do not know? Have you ever thought that you will stay with a stranger for all day, even before you sleep and when you wake up or anytime? How to adjustment yourself or other one to have a similar habit? How to find a best way to let both of you or even more people to have a most comfortable environment? What kind of problem will you have? Let me tell you!

To live with people that you have never known is a difficult thing. People from different family have different habit that they are already used to. There are many problems may happen such as you are clean or not? What time do you go to bed? You used to study in your room or library? What if your roommates want to bring friends back and even sleep over? Do you smoke? As my experience, I should say it is really hard when you meet such roommates with bad habits. Once I rent a room near by my school when I was 17, someone smoke in the bathroom of the building. He was not my roommate but the pipes of the building are communicated so I can smell it in my bathroom. It made our room smells awful. The way to stop this situation and avoid from embarrassed is to ask the building superintendent to talk to him and fortunately it worked!

Besides, some people do not care about the rule of resident. No alcohol, no pet, no boys stay over night or until too late, do not come back too late and so on. Do not say that that is their business not yours because you will also get in trouble if your roommates do not observe the rules strictly. Its is very serious.Another case is that I rent a room before when I was at another school. We cannot have a pet or alcohol but one of my roommate kept a dog in her room and the dog barked all the time whenever day or night. It really restless then we tried to talk to her if she could keep her dog other place.

On the other hand, it is hard to share some stuff with other for some people. For...
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