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Topics: Tourist accommodations, Hotel, Hospitality services Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: September 24, 2014
1.1 Accommodation & Front office services.

The accommodation provided in the hospitality services includes a huge number of rooms and housing services. The information provided to the customers to the respective standards of rooms plays an essential role. It requires the different forms of rooms along with their sizes and accommodation spaces. The role of the hospitality service is to bring out the level of different rooms. There is an accurate statistical data which is required to enrol into the introduction of different ventures in the hotel business. This will give rise to a huge amount of revenue generation. The more addition into the luxuries provided by the hotel to its customers will fetch more amount of revenue. The Atlantic Hotel shows that about one thousand five hundred beds show the occupancy of the rooms in the hotel. The statistics also shows the increase in the number of rooms in the Penguin Hotel. The cost per yield is the requirement of the yearly statistics. The performance indicators show the division of rooms which provides a huge role of the generation of the revenue. It shows the increase in the ranks of the hotel in the international market. It is due to the rise of the generation of the revenue. The information provided by the front office also plays an important role. It also requires the role of the hotel or hospitality services to spread awareness in a channelized form in order to complete the information of the room services.

1.2 Roles & Responsibilities of Accommodation & Reception Services.

The roles as well as the responsibilities of the accommodation require the occupancy level of the room. It also requires the amenities provided into the room. The provision of the toilets and appliances such as microwave over and a mini refrigerator shall be provided into the room. It also requires a clean environment of the room as it tends to maintain the hygiene level of the room. It also raises the standards and cost of the room....
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